Future Dropouts Exposed! Kids Write the Dumbest/Funniest Things on Tests

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Remember when you were in school and didn’t know the answer to a particular question on a test? You probably left it blank and moved on to the next one. But not these kids. Not only do they answer the questions, they do so in the funniest way possible.
These kids may very well be future dropouts. But there is great news for them. Although they probably won’t have a career as a doctor or a CEO of some major corporation, they can always get a job as a standup comedian.
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Human Growth Hormone

Looks like Marcus has a long career ahead of him in the UFC. And quite honestly, this kid gave the perfect answer. So funny.
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Beyonce Would Be So Proud

I’m glad the teacher helpfully pointed out that God was not a single lady. Feedback is so important to a child’s education.
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Tickling the Ivories

I guess this kid is no fan of Liberace, Elton John or Billy Joel
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Shake it Off

This kid has CEO written all over his future. Dust yourself off and try it again should be his motto.
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Poor Casper

I guess this kid hasn’t watched Ghostbusters. And I’m talking about the original two movies, not that piece of garbage that was released recently.
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Blind as a Bat

Seriously, what other answers could there possibly be for this stupid question?
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Stating the Obvious

Can the teacher really make this answer as incorrect?
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Law-Breaking Flowers

Who knew that flowers broke the law? I especially like the way the kid specified there were no windows.
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Sweet Tooth

Why the hell did Bob eat so many candy bars? Does Bob weigh 300 pounds?
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The Greatest Answers Ever

Not really sure what most of these questions really mean. Must be some kind of psyche quiz.
My favorite is “what looks like half an apple?… The other half.”
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Rebel Yell

Can anyone really describe themselves in three words? I think this kid had the right idea.
The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this onesie is “if your kid is wearing this, you might be a redneck.”
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