Greece’s Best Kept Travel Secrets

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When we think of Greece, of course, Athens springs to mind and a visit to the Parthenon is a once in a lifetime requirement for any Bucket List. But, what about Corfu? Hydra? Well, as it turns out, there are many more islands dotting the Mediterranean Coast around Greece that are every bit as charming and historic, if not more so. Here are some of the most little known…
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Paxi Islands

More of a tiny groups of islands, the Paxi are known in mythology as the place where Poseidon struck his spear and made a nice little getaway for his wife and he. Good choice…
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Karpathos is the island where Greek immigrants to America of a century ago returned after they’d made their fortunes. So, it has many English speakers and a surprisingly western feel. If you like getting away from it all, but want the familiar, this is the island for you…
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Aside from its drenching sunshine, pristine beaches and labyrinthine caves, Patmos is most famous as the setting for the vision of the Apocalypse set forth in Revelation. So, its culture is heavily religious. If that’s to your liking, a Pilgrimage is in order…
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The island is most known for its rugged mountain landscape. So, aside from all the great swimming and sunbathing, you can also go in for an invigorating hike in the hills. Don’t forget your sandals…
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Sifnos is unique because of its remaining Roman architecture, a remnant from the 6th century when the island was discovered to have great stores of gold and silver in its rugged, mountainous landscape. There’s something powerfully dramatic about a Roman arch set against a Greek backdrop that draws visitors to this day…
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Syros is a more densely populated island because of its port, the second busiest after Piraeus itself. The result is a lively, thriving nightlife with plenty of flowing wine and voices raised in song. Utterly charming…
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Folegandros is known for its dramatic cliffs, some as high as 200 feet. In ancient times, it was considered too remote, even for the Greek navy, so its history is lost in time. It’s considered to be among the most mysterious of Grecian locales. So, if you go in for ghost stories, this is the place for you…
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Alonnisos was once the center of agriculture in the island chains and held some of Greece’s most productive vineyards and olive orchards. It was nearly destroyed in an earthquake in 1965, but has been since rebuilt, giving it an Old World charm, with a modern outlook. Go for the wine, stay for the Wi-fi…
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Aside from being the island which produced the iconic statue of the Venus de Milo, Milos is a volcanic rock with uninhabited islands just minutes away. If truly wild Greece is what you seek, then Milos is the destination for you. Έχουν καλό ταξίδι!
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