This Is What Happens When People Try To Get Clever With Protest Signs

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People protest about certain issues pretty regularly. If you live in the United States, there is probably a protest somewhere every single day of the year. Some are totally unnecessary while others are effective enough to bring about change.
Some protesters make things hilarious because they carry a really weird sign. This list is sure to have you in stitches.
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Declaring Anger

“I’m so angry, I made a sign.”
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Last Straw

“This is the last straw.”
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No Burritos?

“No illegals, no burritos. You better think twice America.”
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No Beliefs

“I don’t believe in anything. I’m just here for the violence.”
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Mad Grandma

“Now you’ve pissed off Grandma.”
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Just So Angry

“I’m so angry I stitched this just so I could stab something 3,000 times.”
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99 Problems

“Dear 1%, you’ve got 99 problems and this bitch is 1.”
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“More Glitter, Less Bitter.”
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Stay Silent

“You have the right to stay silent, but I don’t recommend it.”
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So Cute

“If God hates gays, why are we so cute?”
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Tired Arms

“My arms are tired from holding this sign since the 70s.”
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So Vain

“You’re so vain, you probably think this march is about you.”
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Pumpkin Spice

“Maybe we should add pumpkin spice to to racism so white women will care.
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A Sign

“I have a sign.”
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