What The Hell Were The Japanese Thinking When They Invented These Crazy Products?

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Japan is a country that prides itself on technology and innovation. The Japanese have created and invented some really great stuff, but some of it will make you wonder. In fact, they come up with some pretty strange things from time to time.
When you see what is on this list, you’ll wonder what the Japanese were thinking. These items are so bizarre you’ll wonder who ever came up with the idea.
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Toe Broom

Who wants to bend over to sweep up the floor? When you wear these shoes, you won’t have to. Simply use these innovative shoes to the get job done without any fuss.
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Portable TP Roll

Next time you have a runny nose, eliminate the need to carry Kleenex with this handy invention. Reach up and grab some tissue anytime you need to. Problem solved.
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Foot Powered Hair Dryer

Save yourself some time in the morning by drying your hair while you walk to work. This foot powered hair dryer blows air on your wet hair with every step. Who cares if you look strange when you can sleep in a few extra minutes?
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Eyedrop Funnel

Gone are the days of having eyedrops running down your face. Now you can use these handy eyedrop funnels to get them right where they belong. What could be more perfect?
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Wasabi Lip Balm

If you don’t really care if your lips are soothed or not, consider trying this spicy lip balm. It smells and tastes like wasabi. Lunch, anyone?
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Smile Trainer

In case you weren’t sure how to crack a smile, this device will save the day. Wear it anytime you want to smile, but just can’t get your face to cooperate. Genius!
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Nose Straightener

If you don’t like the way your nose looks, think how great it will look with this device attached. This handy little tool was designed to help straighten your crooked nose. Would you wear it?
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Crafting with Cat Hair

Got some cats leaving their hair all over your house? Start collecting it because there are loads of fun things to make out of it. Finger puppets, anyone?
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Bubble Wrap Keychains

Aren’t these fun? If you love popping bubble wrap, this keychain lets you do that anywhere, anytime. And in fun colors too!
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Umbrella Tie

Imagine having an umbrella anywhere you go. Wear this tie and you can! It converts to an umbrella if you get caught in the rain.
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