Most Popular Foods Posted On Twitter In 2016

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We’re not REALLY sure what it means that a food is the most popular of all foods mentioned on Twitter. Maybe people are angry about it, and are arguing. More probably it means they love it and that it’s part of their everyday lives – of all our everyday lives. Here are the foods that have got the most Twitter mentions.
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Tacos! Who doesn’t love them? Delicious…handy…with an enormous range…served in all kinds of different venues.
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Ice Cream

You’d almost expect ice cream to score higher. Then you remember that it has, almost, an off-season: the northern winter.
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It might be a little surprise that barbecue scores this high while other foods like the cheeseburger don’t make the list at all. There are lots of barbecue EVENTS though. That would drive up something like Twitter mentions.
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Of course chicken would rank high. It makes you wonder, though. Are they able to separate food mentions – ‘Let’s have roast chicken stuffed with wild rice’ – from chicken crossing the road jokes?
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Yeah, makes sense. By now it’s time for a sip of something. What wine goes with tacos, ice cream, barbecue and chicken?
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Is this a surprise? Pizza gets the top mention among solid foods.
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Again: surprised? Because yayyy beer. And if you’re interested, the most-tweeted brand of beer is…
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…ta-da! Hey Twitter has pretty good taste. But it makes sense that the most-tweeted food of any kind, surpassing even beer (even beer!) is…
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Of course. Like we could live without it. We love it so much that the most tweeted of all restaurants was…
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Of course Starbucks would rack up tweets. It’s where everybody is meeting for coffee!
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