Stop Keeping These Things on Your Desk at Work

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The state of your desk determines how productive you are and how much you get done on the job. Certain items can interfere with your work as well as the work of others. Keep these things off your desk for a totally harmonious work environment.
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Strange Photos

To remain professional at the office, avoid bachelorette or bachelor party photos, those where you aren’t fully dressed and those that portray you drinking.
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Cell Phone

With your cell phone right next to you, it can be hard to be productive because you’ll be distracted every time you get a text or notification.
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Leftover Food

The smells can really bother those around you and you might spill leftover food onto important work documents.
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Personal Grooming

It’s unprofessional to keep hairbrushes, hairspray, nail polish, makeup or other grooming items out where others can see them. Using them at your desk is a big no-no.
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Mountains of Supplies

The more clutter on your desk, the harder it is to focus on the tasks you’re trying to accomplish.
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Junk Food

Keeping any kind of junk on your desk encourages you to mindlessly eat it, which is not good for your health or your waistline.
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Potpourri or Fragrances

Air fresheners, diffusers, potpourri or candle warmers can affect other employees’ breathing or comfort.
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Sticky Notes

A few sticky notes is fine, but don’t go overboard because they will clutter your space and you’ll be picking them up off the floor all the time.
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Dirty Dishes

Once you’ve finished a meal, wash your dishes because leaving them on your desk is gross and unsanitary.
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Political Stuff

At work, it’s best to keep political talk to a minimum so save your buttons, t-shirts and photos for your house.
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